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University of Perpetual Help System (UoPH), is a co-education Institution of higher learning located in Las Pinas City; Metro Manila, Philippines.founded in 1975 by Dr. (Brugadier) Antonio Tamaya, Dr. Daisy Tamyo, and Ernesto Crisostomo as Perpectual Help College of Rizal (PHCR). Las Pinas near Metro Manila is the main Campus. It has nine campuses offering over 70 Courses in 20 Colleges.

The University inculcates the Perpetualite values, teaching and Principle. Graduate of UoPH Call themselves Perpetualites with Alumni Chapters in Philippines and USA.The institute was given University Status in 1997 by CHED.

Chairman of the Board is Dr. Antonio L.Tamayo.He earned his post- graduate courses in Hospital Administration at George Washington University in Washington DC, USA.

Vice Chairman is Dr. Daisy Moran Tamayon, who completed her Master’s in Nursing from New York University, USA& PhD in Organizational Development.

The University of Perpetual Help has 3 Campus in Las Pinas, Molino and Calamba.A total of over 20,000 Students study in these campuses with over 1000 Faculty and support staff.


CHED Philippines: UoPH is listed withCHED or Commission for higher Education which is the Body Regulating Higher Education in the Philippines. World Health Organization (WHO) also known as the AVICENNA Directory for Medicine. Medical Board of California Graduates of UOPH are eligible for licensing in several states in the USA including the State of California after clearing the USMLE and complying With other regulation for Licensing and Working in the USA.FAIMER-IMED Directory it listed in the International Medical Education Directory maintained by FAIMER.USMLE-This is need to get a license to practice in the USA.Some of the Graduates UOPH have migrated to the USA after successful clearing the USMLE and Complying with other norms for Licensing in the USA . Medical Council of India (MCI) Student from India who enroll in UoPH are eligible to practice in India and get a license from Medical Council of India.


  • University of Perpetual Help DALTA Medical Centre in Las Pinas.
  • Bacoor Health Centre in Coordation with the Municipality of Bacoor, Cavite
  • Philippine General Hospital Psychiatry Department.
  • Affiliated AIME Hospital in Chicago, Illinois for Clinical Clerkship Rotation
  • Accredited by Medical Board of California
  • Bernard Hospital Loretto Hospital
  • Holly Cross Hospital
  • Chicago Specially Hospital
  • Norwegian American Hospital

Area: Las Pinas Campus is on four Hectares with offices, lecture halls, anatomy dissection Laboratory, animal research laboratory ,Library,hostel,Canteens,Play Ground and hospital  Located in Campus, Lecture halls are equipped with state of the art facilities and are air- conditioned

Hospital: University has a Hospital –University of Perpetual Help DALTA Medical Centre with over 500 beds. Super Specialization in specialties as Nephrology (Kidney transplant) located on the Las Pinas Campus. There is large Volume of patients.

Laboratories: There are modern laboratories with state of the art equipment, which assist student in clinical and practical orientation.

Auditorium: There is a large modern auditorium for professional and entertainment activities for use of students.

Wi-Fi and Internet: Available on campus. Student can purchase their own personal internet connection, if needed.

Library: There is a large well stocked library with medical books and journals.


  • College of Arts and Science
  • School of Aviation
  • School of Aviation Maintenance Technician
  • College of Business Administration and Accountancy
  • College of Computer Studies
  • College of Dentistry
  • College of Education
  • College of Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Industrials Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Tourism
  • Flight Cabin Crew
  • College of International Hospitality Management
  • Jonelta Foundation School of Medicine
  • College of Law
  • College of Maritime
  • BS in Marine Transportation
  • BS in Marine Engineering
  • BS in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering (Bridging Program)
  • BS in Electrical engineering (Bridging Program)
  • Marine Engineering
  • College of Medical Technology
  • College of Nursing and Midwifery
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Physical & Occupational Therapy
  • College of Radiology Technology
  • College of Respiratory Therapy
  • Robotics
  • College in Tourism

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