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In Egypt, the higher education system comprises public universities, private universities, and
non-university institutions offering vocational and technical education.
Egypt is a gift from the Nile. Without the help of this river, the Egyptian civilization could
not have reached such a level of progress and, most likely, would have succumbed in time.
Egypt without the Nile would be simply an immense and dusty desert, but luckily, that
watercourse became the reason for the greatness of this country.

About the University of Cairo
The University of Cairo, founded in 1919, is one of the leading English-language universities
in Egypt. AUC offers students to choose from 36 undergraduate and 46 graduate study
options. UC has a 260-acre campus in New Cairo and is home to international students from
more than 60 countries.

Education System
Generally, the academic year begins in October and ends in June. Technical, industrial, and
commercial institutes offer Non-university higher education. These institutions offer
two-year courses in various areas, including accounting, informatics, secretarial, insurance
management, health sciences, and electronics. Upon completion of these courses, a diploma
is awarded to the student. University-level studies comprise three levels: Baccalaureos
(Bachelor), Magistr (Master), and Doktora (Doctorate or PhD). Egyptian universities also
provide distance education programs and permanent and non-formal higher education

Bachelor in Egypt
Egyptian universities offer Bachelor’s programs in various areas. These programs last four to
six years and lead to a Baccalaureate degree. Both private and public medical schools award
a medical degree after completing six academic courses and an additional year of clinical

Students who have obtained the General Certificate of Secondary Education will enrol in a
Bachelor’s program. Universities and specialized colleges require candidates to score a
minimum of 70 per cent on this certificate. Those who have advanced technical education
diplomas and have obtained at least 75 per cent may also apply for enrollment to higher
institutes within their area of expertise. Some of the Bachelor’s programs offered by Egyptian
universities are Actuarial Sciences, Agricultural Engineering, Agronomy, Art Education,
Dramatic Art, Pomology, and Poultry Production.

Master in Egypt
The second stage of higher education comprises the Master’s program. It is an advanced
specialization consisting of two to five years of training and research, ending with a thesis
presentation. Students who complete this academic program are awarded the title of Magistr.
Only those with a Bachelor’s degree in a corresponding specialty, with a minimum grade, are
considered “good” (50 to 64) and may enrol in a Master’s program. International students
must have an equivalent degree to complete a Master’s degree in this country.

PhD in Egypt
Students holding a Master’s degree from an Egyptian university or an equivalent degree from
an accredited university will pursue a Doctorate. They must have obtained a minimum qualification
in their Master’s program to be admitted to a Doctoral program.

Faculties and Facilities
Cairo University also offers its educational and research services to Arab and international
students and scientists and has become well-known worldwide. There are about 56
departments here.

Cairo University offers the following accommodations and cluttered facilities for students:
• It offers rooms with 2 and 3 shared beds.
• The cafeteria and cafeteria are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all
• All rooms have 24-hour internet access.
• The Cairo University campus has five hostels on the university campus.
• All modern equipment such as pillows, blankets, sheets, beds, tables, and chairs have
already been added to the list of essentials.
• There is also a shared kitchen for students to cook.
• There is also an Indian restaurant in the city.
• Recreation rooms, gym, and laundry-type services are also available to all students.
• Cairo University is located in the city center and has a campus-oriented structure.
• Cairo University’s lodges for students are located within Cairo University.
• Cairo University has CCTV surveillance, fire alarm security systems, state-of-the-art security features,
and 24-hour security.
• The Cairo University hostel is a five-story hostel with several blocks on each floor.
• Each block has four rooms, 2 of which are for two beds and the other two are for three beds.
• Students can choose between these two or three-seat rooms, depending on availability.
• Each block has a washroom inside the block. Each floor has a kitchen with a burner and oven
for students to prepare their meals.

Courses offered:
The total number of faculties at Cairo University is in four significant faculties:
undergraduate, graduate, and professional education. And 52 departments for the
development of education in these faculties. Internal medicine is the department with the
highest number of MBBS applications from India each year in English. The academic staffs
of Cairo University courses regularly attend international conferences and symposiums.
There are 12-degree programs and 23 master’s programs.

The University of Cairo is in Giza. It is known as the best study centre in the country, as it
has been performing successfully its mission to deliver the rights to education, research, and
culture in recent years.

All International Universities recognize their educational degrees. Their degrees are accepted
in EU and middle east countries as well.


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