Ternopil National Medical University


HISTORY: A coeducational public institution of higher education founded in 1957. Since 1998 has been rated in the top three among the medical schools of Ukraine

ENROLLMENT: 3000 full time student including more than 500 international students.

ACCREDITATION: Has been awarded the highest IV th accreditation level by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Is listed in the FAIMER International Medical Education Directory under ECFMG and the WHO World Directory of Medical Schools. After sitting for an Examination in USMLE program, (STEP I & II) you will have chance to work on probation at clinics in USA & Canada. Special Training program in Harvard Medical University USA in Diabetic Foot Disease and Other Fields, Preparation courses for USMLE program, Screening test for MCI are also available. Recognized by Medical Council of India &WHO (World Health Organisation)

European Credit System

ECTS, The European Union Credit Transfer System was developed by the commission of the European Union in order to provide common procedures to guarantee academic recognition of studies abroad. The ECTS system is based on the European Union in order to provide common procedure to guarantee academic recognition of studies aboard .The ECTS system is based on the principal of mutual trust and confidence between the participating higher education intuitions, ECTS is currently being tested as a pilot project part of the Erasmus programme. ECTS credits are a value allocated to course units to describe the student workload required to complete them. In ECTS: the study plan is arranged having 60 years of study or 360 credits ECTS is 30 academic hours includes: the time for providing  lectures , practical work, seminars , tutorials, consultation, practices, self-reliant and individual work and controlling steps.

Location: The TSMU institutes and departments are located in 9 educational buildings and 16 clinics and hospitals in Ternopil. Special Facilities: University Clinic, Anatomy Museum, “Ukrmedkynyha” Publishing House, Botanical Gardens, “Chervona Kalyna” Congress Centre.

Languages of instructions: English, Ukrainian, Russian

Studies: The academic year consists of 2 semesters and lasts from September 1 to July 1. Students have 38-40 classroom hours per week, which makes 3 classes (90min.each) per day. Classes start at 9 am. Clinical practice is a core element of the curriculum, and you will work in many medical environments. Such as hospitals, laboratories and clinics, which will expose you to large patient’s population?

Degrees Offered:

Degree Program                                                                             Course Duration


  • D Program (eq.to M.B.B.S. in India)                                         6 years
  • Master of Science in Medicine                                               1-1.5 years


  • Associate Degree 2 years
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing BSN                           4 years
  • Master of Science Nursing                                                      1 years

Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy  

  • Specialist/Master of Pharmacy                                                 5 years

Documents to be submitted personally after arrival in Ukraine:

  1. International Student Application
  2. Certificate of Secondary Education/High School Diploma with Grades Sheet
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Health Certificate
  5. HIV- negative test certificate
  6. 6 photos(3/4 cm)
  7. Valid Passport.

Upon admission the international student signs an Agreement with the University, which stipulates all legal aspects of students.

Visa: For Visa the International Student Office will send you or your recruiting agency the official Invitation for study in Ukraine, a document to be submitted to the Embassy of Upon the Invitation the student will be issued a 3 month entry the student’s arrival in Ukraine and his/her enrolment at the University.

International Student Office: The University representatives meet international students at the airport and accompany them to the University. New Student is provided with Accommodation and are assisted in adjusting to the local culture. The oriented program is arranged for such students.

Accommodation: Students are provided with accommodation in double and triple rooms in the University hostels. The accommodation fee includes the use furniture, bedclothes library, fitness, rooms, laundry, and Internet facilities.

Health: The TSMU Health Service staffs are here to help you stay well and provide primary care free of charge. International student are insurance certificate of emergency medical aid to foreign citizens, which cost 380 UAH per year.

Student Life: Students are issued Studentskyy Kuytok, a student ID card, which is valid on the territory of Ukraine. Upon request student can also receive the ISIC International Student Identity Card. TSMU student lead a very active social, culture and project oriented style of living and studying. Many students are involved in research projects through the Student Scientific Society, Student use numerous canteens, cafeteria and sports facilities.

Living in Ternopil:

Ternopil is noticed for its tidy streets, numerous parks, excellent cuisine and well developed public transportation system. Average cost of living here USD 70 per month.

Career Opportunities: Graduates of the M.D Program .Program become physicians and surgeon in a wide range of specialities. Opportunities also exist in research and teaching .Graduates holding Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing are in great demand in many countries and are offered a variety of job in the best hospitals. Doctor of Dental Surgery graduates often join or set up a general private practise. Typical careers for Master of Pharmacy will be a position of community pharmacist, hospital Pharmacist and industrial pharmacist.

International Relations Department: The strategic task of the International Relations Department (IRD) is integration of the TSMU into the international educational space and promotion of the cooperation between the university and foreign educational, research and clinical institutions

The other important tasks of the IRD include:

  • Assistance to the university staff and university departments in creating and implementing projects in international cooperation.
  • Establishing the contacts with foreign educational and research institutions, agencies, funds and their representatives in Ukraine.
  • Support and promotion of the relations with foreign partners in joint research projects, exchange of the teaching staff and students.
  • Providing consulting concerning the possibilities for the joint research, studying and training abroad.

The main destinations of the International Relations Department work are:

Exchange Program: The department assists in organizing of the trainings and exchanges by scientists, residents, and fellows, students that are interested in theoretic and clinical subjects. IRD invites foreign scientists, teachers and health care professionals. It cumulates the international educational experience of the students and professors of TSMU.

Programs for the joint researches. IRD assists in forming of the joint research programs in the different medical sciences such as surgery, combustiology, infectious diseases, orthopedics and traumatology, gastroenterology, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology, telemedicine, medical chemistry, pediatrics, internal medicine, public health etc.

Joint publishing projects. IRD coordinates the joint work on textbook, educational literature, CDs in different medical fields. Also it contributes in organizing their edition in publishing house “Ukrmedknyha”.

IRD is responsible for the reception of the official foreign delegations, representatives and professionals. It forms agreements and memorandums of cooperation with foreign partners of TSMU. Also it coordinates such cooperation and assists to the official delegations of TSMU in organizing of their visits abroad.

From the history of the International Relations Department

The international relations department was formed in 2000. It existed as a subdivision of the international student dean’s office until 2004. As the progress of international cooperation with higher educational institutions increased significantly, our university made its best work in improving and widening the partnering contacts with European and American schools. Therefore, the department was reorganized into separate independent unit of the University in 2005.International relations department contributed in the creating of co operational agreements between Ternopil State Medical University and its partners:

  • University of south Carolina Upstate(USA)
  • Vienna Medical University (Austria)
  • Greenville Technical Collage (USA)
  • Charles University(Czech republic)
  • Slovak Medical University (Slovak republic)
  • Moscow Medical Stomatological University(Russia)
  • Technical University of Dresden(Germany)

Teaching staff of TSMU takes part in the international medical conference, congresses, symposia, congresses in the countries of the world. International relation department contributed in the meeting at TSMU official delegations from such countries as India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sudan, Vietnam, Nigeria, and Ghana. The rector of TSMU Dr. Leonid Kovachuk and vice-rector Dr. Volodymyr Bigunyak, invited by Mr. Bill Coleman, president of the Nurses International , visited South Carolina, USA in May 2005.They had meeting with administration ,teaching staff. And students of the university of South Caroline Upstate and Greenville Technical Collage. They had reception in the office of South Caroline Governor Mr. Mark Sanford. Also they had meeting with the speaker of the South Caroline House of Representative Mr.Knox White. The administration of Vienna Medical University visited TSMU in July 2005.August 2005 .Meeting with the Delegation of Greenville hospital system (South Caroline, USA)-Mr.Bill Coleman , president of the “Nurses International”, Mr. Robert Gils trap, Vice President OF the “Nurses International”, Dr. Peter  Kwan, President of the global trade centre in Greenville, South Caroline and Tinjin, China. October 2005.Mr.Bill Coleman , President of the “Nurses International” and Mrs. Jane Green, vice president of the company “Recom” visited TSMU on the issue of creating of joint cardiologic monitoring centre.

December 2005, Councellor of the health care minister visited TSMU in order to confirm the ability of TSMU to provide the educational programs in nursing for foreign students. February 2006, Group of the teacher of TSMU had traineeship at the University of South Caroline upstate, USA. February 2006, Group of teacher of TSMU had traineeship at the Slovak Medical University (Slovak Republic).April 2006, Group of the teacher of TSMU had trainees of the Charles University (Czech republic).2006 Three groups of the teacher of TSMU had traineeship at the Vienna University, Austria. May 2006, Group of the teacher of TSMU had traineeship at the Medical University of Silesia(Poland).


Medical Faculty

(General Medicine Specialization): Academic year (2 semesters) : September 1- June 30 period of training : 6 years

Nursing School:

Academic year (2 semesters): September 1- June 30

Period of training: junior specialist program: 2 years.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program: 4 years.

Annual Tuition Fee: Instruction in English 2950US$

Faculty of Pharmacy: The faculty f pharmacy offers specialties pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacy period of training 5 years. Instruction in English, Annual Tuition fee: 2950US$

Faculty of Dentistry: Period of training: 5 years. Instruction in English, Annual Tuition fee: 2950US$

Post Graduates Education:  Graduates of the Medical Faculty can continue their education at the Post-Graduates Education by the following specialities.

  • Therapeutics / Gastroenterology
  • Endocrinology/cardiology
  • Surgery/paediatric surgery
  • Urology/oncology
  • Traumatology
  • Paediatrics
  • Obstetrics and gynaecology
  • Infectious diseases
  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Neurology

Period of Training: 2to 3 years Instruction in English. Tuition Fee: 3400US$


           Ternopil State Medical University is the first university in Ukraine to develop the American Nursing Program.Today we have American Nursing School where our students are studying according to the American nursing school curriculum. Our American Nursing School is situated in the beautiful corner of the city of Ternopil. For over seven years we have been successfully collaborating with American and Europeans Universities in development of our program. It is widely known of the severe shortage of nurses both in the United States and in Europe, mostly due to limited number of nursing instructors’. Our university however, has an abundance of educational talent with the ability to prepare foreign student for a career in nursing. The main goal of our Ukrainian – American educational Program is to train nurses and needed in order to become professionals in the United State. The educational program were designed in accordance with some of the best nursing schools in the United States, and are a result of the Long lasting cooperation between the two countries. TSMU offers a two year program for obtaining an ADN(Associate Degree Nurse) and a two and four year program for obtaining a BSN(Bachelor of Science in Nursing) .All the program provide student with the knowledge and skills to successfully pass the NCLEX examination , which is necessary for a professional nursing career in the United State.

Student :  If you are one of the nearly 144,00 qualified US applicants denied admission to nursing school last year , we encourage you to contract our office for details on our exceptional, exciting and affordable academic experience .We offer  scholarship , an international study opportunity and a high quality nursing degree at an affordable cost. You can transfer most of your existing credits to our program and have three attractive ways to finish up your degree.

Nursing Schools: If are an accredited American nursing school in need of more faculty and facilities in order to both admit and graduates more qualified students in your program, please contact us for informational on how you might become an academic partner. We offer you an alternative to having to tell your qualified nursing school application that all you can do is put them on a waiting list .America needs your participation!

Hospitals: We offer an innovative workforce development program for major healthcare provides. You can have more confidence in your expansion plans; cost containment and workforce availability .Hospitals pay no placement fees or signing bonuses for our graduates, but instead provide loans to students in return for a commitment to work for a contractually specified period of time upon graduation. Eligible hospitals may reserves scholarship seats on first come-first served basis. For information on eligibility and availability, please contact our office.

International Students: We have a program that can offer several options for international students wanting to study nursing in preparation for working in.

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