SEU Georgian National University

SEU Georgian National University
SEU Georgian National university is a young university, and it has established itself locally and globally as an educational institute excelling in different fields providing high-quality teaching and learning, appropriate to the modules and international standards. SEU creates the ideal learning environment by putting effort into the latest structure and thereby attracting the academic workforce. It offers high professional status and a lot of career opportunities to its graduates in the world of their selected profession. The University comes under the top five universities in Georgia in terms of graduate application. It mainly focuses on developing student’s professional knowledge, values, skills based on critical and independent thoughts which are essential for their upcoming careers. So, they can alter to a changing environment, make decisions, uniquely approach modern challenges and contribute to the changing world.

The University is located at Tbilisi, which is the capital and largest city of Georgia. A well-known modernized big town with a lot of opportunities and choices for all its tourists, local people, students and the immigrant community decorated with the classic Georgian heritage and European buildings touched by the sophisticated countryside style. It is the heart of Georgia and a center of attraction for students and tourists. The city comes with a panoramic view that impresses people with its urbanized streets, clean lakes, leafy squares, green valleys and modern infrastructure.

Quality of Education:
Officially acknowledged by the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement, Georgian National University SEU is a medium-sized blended Georgian higher education institution. SEU Georgian National University provides courses and programs leading to officially acknowledged higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees, master degrees in several areas of study. They have a team of the most experienced career counselors.
They provide very detailed information and transparent advice. This old renowned Georgian Higher Education Institution has a discriminative admission system based on entrance examinations. International applicants are qualified to apply for enrollment. SEU provides both academic and non-academic facilities and services to their students which includes housing, sports, library, scholarships, sports talent, study abroad and exchange study programs and administrative services.

SEU has the most advanced medical school facilities in the entire country. The list’s as

  • Robotic-Surgical training medical Equipment
  • Advanced Interactive and Digital Classrooms
  • 3D Anatomage and Cadavers
  • Simulated Mannequin Station
  • Team Learning Center (TLC)
  • Modern Library: Wide Holdings of Library Books and International Subscription.
  • Simulation Center
  • Most Advanced Research Center
  • High-Tech Laboratories
  • Student Reading Rooms and Student Lounge.
  • The only University in Georgia has its own attached hospital within the University Campus.

Courses offered at SEU Georgian National University.

  • Bachelor’s
  • Master’s
  • Business Administration
  • Education Management
  • Management
  • Tourism
  • Finance
  • Medicine

For an Indian national to be eligible for admission at SEU, they must:

  • Be between 17-23 years of age.
  • Must score at least 60% at 10+2
  • Must have a subject background relevant to the subject chosen at 10+2
  • Must clear the relevant entrance exams like NEET, CAT etc.
  • Must possess a valid passport

Why SEU?
SEU makes an ideal choice for any aspirant looking to study abroad because of the low tuition fees and living costs at the city. Apart from that, the University provides top-notch education to its students with a unique approach to help them with their professional goals.

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