Pharmacy Degree

Pharmacy Degree Programme:

  1. Degree Awarded: Masters in Pharmacy
  2. Duration:   5 years
  3. Official Application Fee: 150 Euros.
  4. Mode of Entrance Test: Paper Based or Online.
  5. Official Entrance Exam: Biology & Chemistry conducts by the university
  6. Official Registration Fees: 250 Euros, needs to after entrance exam
  7. Tuition Fees: 7,000 Euros Per year

The degree programme pharmacy trains highly qualifies pharmacy professionals by organising and providing modern university-level studies in Pharmacy, conducting relevant scientific research and providing efficient practical training.

Structure of the programme:

  1. Years 1-2: Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology, Internal Diseases, the Lithuanian Language.
  2. Years 3-5: Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Botany and Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacotherapy, Pharmaceutical care and Social Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Bio-pharmaceutics, Practical Training at Public and Private Pharmacies.
  3. Career Opportunities: Be employed at pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesale companies, companies of the pharmaceutical industry, agencies of international pharmaceutical companies, or laboratories engaged in pharmaceutical research; Engage in pharmaceutical activities and carry out scientific research; continue your education by entering in PhD programmes.

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