MBBS / MD Medicine Degree Programme:

  1. The Duration: 6 years of programme
  2. Degree Awarded:  Master’s in Medicine (MD-Physician) taught in English since 1991.
  3. Official Application Fee: 150 Euros.
  4. Mode of Entrance Test: Paper Based or Online.
  5. Official Entrance Exam: Biology & Chemistry conducts by University
  6. Official Registration Fees: 250 Euros, needs to after entrance exam
  7. Tuition Fees: 12,500 Euros Per year

Structure of Programme:

  1. First Year: Basic Sciences, Anatomy, Histology, Genetics, Physics, Chemistry
  2. Second Year & Third Year: Integrated PBL modules, Reproduction and Inheritance, professional competence, Basics of Neurosciences, Immune Response and Infection, Respiration and Circulation, Metabolism and Homeostasis, Basics of Pre-Clinical Studies and Locomotion.
  3. Fourth, Fifth and sixth years: Clinical Studies and Practice, Clinical Modules, Clinical Medicine Practice.
  4. Career and Employability: We teach you the knowledge and skills that employers look for and provide you the extra support to help you on your career path. Provide health care services under the supervision of the physician specialists; apply for a license to practice medicine. Provide emergency medical aid.

University Hospital:
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Hospital “Kauno Kilinikos” is the largest health care institution in the Baltic States established in 1940. A unique environment to train highly qualified health science professionals was created as a result of the integration of clinical practices at Kauno Klinikos and Kaunas Clinical Hospital into the processes of study and research, The University’s academic and research staff are involved in clinical activities at these hospitals and also private health care services to the general public.
Being the biggest multi-profile healthcare institution in Lithuania, Kauno Klinikos plays an important role within the national healthcare system. Kauno Klinikos serves as the major LSMU residency campus (accommodation over 1500 residency students) and as a provider of professional development training for healthcare specialists. Most serious illnesses are diagnosed and treated, as well as complex examinations and surgeries are performed to help patients coming from all over Lithuania and neighboring countries.

University Hospital Facts and Figures:
The biggest healthcare institution in Baltic States, founded in 1940, providing high quality accessible medical services for patients in Lithuania, EU and other countries. 1,30,000 out patients’ consultations every year, 94,000 / per year Hospital admissions, 65000 / per year surgical operations, 200 / per year continuing clinical and biomedical research studies, 90 / per year transplantations, 39 clinical departments, 4 affiliated hospitals, 9 intensive care and anesthesiology units, 14 diagnostic and interventional units. 2250 beds hospital and 22 rare disease management coordination centers. 14 00 Physicians, 2400 Nurses, 5800 students and more than 1000 residents and 7500 employees.

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