Health Psychology

Health Psychology:  

  • Bachelor Degree: 4 years Duration
  • Degree: Bachelor’s in Social Science
  • Official Application Fee: 150 Euros.
  • Mode of Entrance Test: Paper Based or Online.
  • Official Entrance Exam: Biology & Chemistry conducts by the university
  • Official Registration Fees: 250 Euros, needs to after entrance exam
  • Tuition Fees: 3,500Euros Per year

Why Health Psychology?
This study programme provides an opportunity to gain a solid foundation in psychology and related social and natural sciences, and get ready for practical work with people. Health psychology analyses how biology, psychology, behaviour and a wide variety of environmental factors influence health and related outcomes. You will learn to understand how people react to illness, cope with them and recover with them. Health psychology is uniquely positioned to help people change the behaviours contributing to health and well-being also avoid risky or unhealthy behaviour and maintain a positive outlook that can combat stress, depression and anxiety.

Study Programme Summary:
Within few years you will be acquainted with the main discipline of psychology: health, cognitive, clinical, organizational, developmental, family psychology, positive psychology and many others. What kind of psychologist would one be without a firm knowledge of philosophy logic, anthropology, sociology and other adjacent social and human sciences? Particular attention paid to understanding the fundamental of neurophysiology and anatomy. The studies will take place in a modern, friendly study environment, equipped with latest technologies. You will have a chance to practice largest clinical base in Lithuania.

What kind of work do health psychologists do?
Health psychologists often conduct behavioural assessments, clinical interviews and personality tests. Other talks involve educating and teaching people how to avoid unhealthy behaviour as well as providing psychological counselling to patients with somatic diseases. Rehabilitation, assistance to patients and medical personnel, preparation of public health promotion programmes, participation in health policy and improvement of health care system are also important tasks that a health psychologist can carry out. A health psychologist can work in primary health care sector, in specialized clinics, in mental health, crisis or in rehabilitation centres in social care and welfare institutions, and many other private or public institutions.

Career Opportunities:
A bachelor of health psychologist can work as professional assistant psychologist or research assistant.
Bachelor’s degree in psychology can also be used in professional career in the field of human resource.

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