Clinical Health Psychology

Clinical Health Psychology:

  • Master Degree : Duration 2 years
  • Official Application Fee : 150 Euros.
  • Mode of Entrance Test : Paper Based or Online.
  • Official Entrance Exam : Biology & Chemistry conducts by university
  • Official Registration Fees : 250 Euros, needs to after entrance exam
  • Tuition Fees : 4,500 Euros Per year

Msc in Social Sciences
Clinical health psychology is a specialized programme which combines clinical and health psychology teaching with research method training and practice. Students learn psychological training and evaluation in various health disorders learn to work in the team with other health care specialists. They have opportunities’ to specialize in psycho-oncology, neuropsychology, rehabilitation psychology or family and child psychology.

Admission Requirements: University Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences, (Psychology)

Study Programme Summary:

  1. Semester -1: Behaviour, stress and health, Psychological counselling in healthcare, Clinical Psychological Evaluation, Research in Clinical Health Psychological, Specialization in psychology, final thesis.
  2. Semester -2: Psychotherapy and Psycho-pharmacotherapy, Clinical Psychological Evaluation, research in Clinical Health Psychology, Specialization in Health Psychology, Planning and management of mental health projects, final thesis.
  3. Semester -3: Internship of Practical Training 400 Hours
  4. Semester -4: Final Thesis

What kind of work do Clinical Health Psychologists do?
Clinical Health Psychology focuses on health promotion, rehabilitation and helping people with disorders through psychological methods and procedures. Students learns clinical psychology skills necessary for work in healthcare sector Students also have an exclusive opportunity to specialize in one of the five health psychology fields. The programme prepares for PhD studies in health or clinical psychology. Advanced research training in quantitative and qualitative clinical health psychology research methods is given. In the third semester students have possibility to practice abroad or in their native country, as well as possibilities to spend a semester abroad with the ERUSMAS + exchange program. Degree is recognized in EU. The program is prepared according to EuroPsy requirements.

Career Opportunities:
After completion of this programme the graduates are eligible to work as psychologists or continue their studies in supervised practice and apply for licence according to the national requirements.
Graduates can take next steps in their clinical psychology career by entering in post graduate training in supervised practice or doctorate. They can also choose a research career and continue studies in PhD.

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