Bsc Physiotherapy

Bsc Physiotherapy:

  • Degree : Bachelor in Health Sciences
  • Duration : 4 years
  • Qualification : Physiotherapy
  • Official Application Fee : 150 Euros.
  • Mode of Entrance Test : Paper Based or Online.
  • Official Entrance Exam : Biology & Chemistry conducts by the university
  • Official Registration Fees : 250 Euros, needs to after entrance exam
  • Tuition Fees : 4,500 Euros Per year

Why Study Physiotherapy?  
Physiotherapy is an evidence-based autonomous profession that strives to develop maintain and restore People’s maximum and functional ability. Physiotherapy can help people at this stage of life when movement and functions are threatened by ageing, injury, diseases, disorder’s conditions or environmental factors. Physiotherapists are the experts of human movements who help people to improve and sustain wellbeing within the various spheres that includes health promotion injury and impairment prevention, treatment, habitation and rehabilitation.

The work of Physiotherapists requires qualities such as love for people, willingness help them, ability to listen, patience, leadership qualities, constant pursuit of new professional knowledge and ability to work in a team with other medical professionals. If you have these qualities or are determined to develop them, it is worth choosing these studies.

This study programme is member of European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education (ENPHE) since 2012.

Study Programme Summary:

  1. Year 1&2: Anatomy, Physiology, Cytology, Genetics, First Aid, Psychology, Biochemistry, Professional Language, Biomechanics, Pharmacology, Pathology, Kinesiology, the basics of Ergonomics etc.
  2. Year-3: Physiotherapy in specific fields (International Medicine and surgical conditions; Orthopaedic and traumatic patients; Aquatic; Musculoskeletal; The elderly obstetric and Gynaecological Paediatric etc.), Orthopaedic Motor Control, Fundamentals of Radiology, Massage, Rehabilitation and Neurological etc.
  3. Year-4: Informatics and basics of Scientific work, Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy in Specific fields (Elderly, Obstetrics and Gynaecological, Paediatric), Clinical practice (> 1000 Hours), final work of Bachelor Degree, Thesis, Final Qualification Exam.
  4. Career Opportunities: After completion of studies, graduates are well prepared for self-employment immediately after graduation. With the license, graduates can pursue a Physiotherapists career in Private and Public health care institutions, hospitals, patients’ clinics, rehabilitation, social rehabilitation facilities, wellness centers Private Clinics, Supportive and nursing institutions, sports clubs license to provide health care etc.
  5. Further Studies: after completion of the Physiotherapy programme, you can continue higher education in the biomedical science Master’s and PhD studies.

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