Bsc Occupational Therapy

BSc Occupational Therapy:

Degree:               Bachelor in Health Science
Duration:           4 years
Qualification:  Occupational Therapy

  1. Why study Occupational Therapy: Occupational therapy is an art of science enabling engagement in everyday living through occupation; as well as enable people to take steps that improve health and wellbeing so that all people may participate to their full potential in daily life despite their illness or injuries.
  2. Further Studies: After completion of occupational therapy study programme, there is possibility to continue studies in the biomedical sciences Master’s and Phd studies.
  3. Occupational therapists work with patients who have experienced trauma, are suffering from acquired or congenital diseases, and help them to recover or develop skills needed for the activities of daily life including self-care, leisure, independent living and work.
  4. The study programme is unique since education process is based on Practical Based Learning (PBL) method, PBL together with lectures; literature analysis helps student gain a deeper inside into the subjects they are learning, it is an opportunity to put theoretical knowledge into practice. Students work in groups with tutors and try to solve real life problems and situations.
  5. Study Programme Summary: In the first year of study the future occupational therapists’ study general educational subjects: Philosophy, ethics, Psychology, Sociology and fundamental of studies: first aid, anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and biomechanics. Later on they start focusing on special professional subjects, the theory and models of occupational therapy, occupational therapy in case of physical disability Psychiatry and paediatric etc. Students spend 1000 hours in practice during their studies.
  6. Career Opportunities: Occupational therapy graduates can pursue a career in various private and public health care institutions: Hospitals, outpatient clinics, Physical rehabilitation centers, Vocational rehabilitation centers, schools and retirement homes.

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