Advanced Nursing Practice

Advanced Nursing Practice: Master Degree

  • Duration : 2 years
  • Qualification : Advanced Practice Nurse
  • Official Application Fee : 150 Euros.
  • Mode of Entrance Test : Paper Based or Online.
  • Official Entrance Exam : Biology & Chemistry conducts by university
  • Official Registration Fees : 250 Euros, needs to after entrance exam
  • Tuition Fees : 4,500 Euros Per year

Why Study Advanced Nursing Practice?
Advanced Nursing Practice is one of the most promising nursing education programmes that will help you to reach the highest level of nursing skills. The first students of this programs are often called “smart nurses”, because they are not only the medical assistants in the fields of emergency medical practice, anesthesia, and intensive care but also independent professionals who can substitute doctors for specific duties, work with complex specialized medical equipment’s, perform complex research and issue some prescription to patients.

  1. Study Programme Summary: You will study such disciplines like health care management systems, Clinical Pharmacology, Pathophysiology, Health Status Assessment, Emergency and chronic condition management, Special Anaesthesiology and clinical practice etc.
  2. Career Opportunities: Once you become an advance nursing practitioner, you will be able to work according to chosen model of activity: independently or skill mix principle and taking over the part of doctors’ functions. You will be able to provide health care at home, primary or stationery health care institutions; nursing and supportive care hospitals palliative care centres etc.
  3. Further Studies: Upon completion of Advanced Nursing Practice programme, possibility to continue study in PhD.

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