West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov Medical University

West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov Medical University

West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov state university established in 1957, is one of the most
outstanding educational, medical research diagnostic, and cultural centers of Kazakhstan. The
university owns several clinical units such as dental clinics, family medical clinics which deliver
the best health care services to people.

The institute offers four specialties in the master’s training program and 24 specialties in
residency as well. Apart from that, it also provides 29 specialties in advance training courses for
aspiring physicians and nurses and 22 specialties that primarily focus on individual
professional retraining.

The university has signed memorandums of cooperation with other medical universities of
Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Poland, South Korea,
Hungary and many others.

Location :
The university is located in the city of Aktobe. A town set in the western region of Kazakhstan is
one of the largest cities in western Kazakhstan. It’s one of the most important cities for the
country’s residents.

The town has an eclectic design with the new buildings, built side by side with the old buildings
built during the Soviet era. The city’s full of historical monuments and structures and also is one
of the most important industrial, business, and cultural centers of the city. Due to the rapid
growth of the town, it’s one of the best cities to pursue future education.

Quality of Education :
The university’s infrastructure hosts several faculties and departments within itself. It has
modernized laboratories, libraries, and highly qualified faculty members who ensure the best
education to its students. The university staffs actively engage themselves and the students in
modern technologies and innovative approaches in the field of medicine and knowledge to
provide its students with a better and more modernized learning experience. Today, West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov Medical University leads the field of medical research and is one of the major educational, scientific, and medical institutes of Kazakhstan.

  • Departments at WKMOMU
  • Department of Academic work
  • Department of digitalization and process automation
  • Department of scientific work
  • Department of economics and planning
  • Department of strategic development
  • Department of Postgraduate education
  • Department of Human resources
  • Department of Social work and youth policy
  • Operations Department

Courses offered at WKMOMU: 

General Medicine 
Public Health 
Public Health 
Medical and preventative work 
Apart from these, the university offers the following residency courses:  
1. Cardiology, including pediatric 
2. Gastroenterology, including pediatric 
3. Endocrinology, including pediatric 
4. Infectious diseases, including children 
5. Dermatology, including pediatric 
6. Psychiatry, including children’s 
7. Anesthesiology and resuscitation, including pediatric 
8. Cardiac surgery, including pediatric 
9. Neurosurgery, including pediatric 
10. Maxillofacial surgery, including pediatric 
11. Pediatric surgery 
12. Oncology 
13. Traumatology-orthopedics, including children 
14. Urology and andrology, including pediatric 
15. Ophthalmology, including children 
16. Otorhinolaryngology, including children 
17. Pediatrics 
18. Neonatology 
19. Obstetrics and gynecology, including children 
20. general surgery 
21. Neurology, including pediatric 
22. Family medicine 
23. Therapy 
24. Clinical pharmacology. 
Eligibility  :
1. Must be at least 17 years of age. 
2. Must score 50% marks at least at 10+2 
3. Must clear NEET 
4. Must possess a valid passport 
5. Must have a medical certificate ensuring fitness 
6.IELTS/ TOEFL scores 
Why West Kazakhstan Medical University? 
With the location’s historical and economic value and the ease of studying, West Kazakh 
Medical university makes the perfect cut for students aspiring to be medical professionals. All 
the courses are offered in English by the institute.  The living and tuition costs are relatively low. 

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