Vinnytsia National Medical University

Vinnytsia National Medical University


The Vinnitysya National Medical University is a state educational establishment which was established in the year 1921 and is one of the finest universities in the current era.

The university is strategically placed in the city of Vinnitsya, which is a populous city that lies in the west-central region of Ukraine and on the banks of the Southern Bug (The southern bug is also referred to as Southern Buh, is the second-longest river in Ukraine). The university is 243 km from Kyiv, which is the national capital of Ukraine, and the students can reach Vinnitysya and the university from Kyiv through state bus or take the aerial route.

The university specializes in offering structured programs with six faculties: Medicine (General Medicine), Paediatrics, Dentistry, Pharmacy and pharmaceutical studies.

The undergraduate students get to study a 6-year’s course in medicine and 5-year period if the student opts for a Master’s degree specializing in Dentistry or Pharmacy.


The university is officially accredited with the Ministry of Health, Ukraine, the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Indian students after their medical graduation from Vinnitysa are eligible to appear for the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) or simply referred to as the MCI screening test. (The MCI Screening Test is a license examination being conducted by the National Board of Examinations (NBE) which makes them qualify to work in India as medical professionals.). The medical graduation allows them to become an MD (physician) which is equivalent to MBBS in India.

Apart from MCI, the university is recognized by the International Medical Education Directory or the IMED, US Education Department, Medical Board of California and the General Council of Medicine of Great Britain.


The infrastructure in the university is much talked about by the student’s fraternity. The university comprises of three academic buildings which incorporate the state-of-the-art technology in place for students to take up the tiny nuances of medicine.

Apart from this, the university has a separate wing for research activities for aspiring students who are quite keen and desirous to pursue the research in the biomedical sciences. The university also has gained prominence among the students, as it boasts of having an exhaustive library of more than 500000 books.


The faculties and professors who induct the students through the syllabus are experts in their domain and who are themselves qualified doctors who are practitioners in various prestigious hospitals in Ukraine.

The medium of instruction for international student in the university is entirely in English so that the students get to work in the English speaking nations after their successful completion of an undergraduate degree at the university. No English proficiency test is required for the admission to the university to pursue their medical graduation.

The teaching staff lay their emphasis on the basics and then proceeds with more and more practice sessions of pre-clinical studies.

The university also brings with it a plethora of medical courses. And in this paradigm, students get to have a hold on the latest medical technology, which has become the current trend.

The latest medical technology helps the students to understand the root cause of the particular ailment and with the proper diagnosis; they get entirely instrumental in bringing the cure through possible medication or surgery.

The students get to have their proper hands-on over the clinical practice and also get equally exposed to hospitals. During this time, the students get an opportunity to meet and observe patients.