The Sumy State University

Sumy State University


Sumy State University has acclaimed to be one of the finest universities in the Suma City in the North-East of Ukraine. It caters to the students who are very keen to pursue their academic career.

TSSU is recommended continuously for medical courses and vehemently preferred by international students. In this endeavour, the University takes its pleasure to offer specialized course module and curriculum with a conceptual combination of Cellular Pathology, Clinical Chemistry, Haematology and Transfusion Science and last but not the least the Medical Microbiology.

Being founded in the year 1947, TSSU is one of the oldest universities found in Ukraine. It also focuses on providing the studies at the primary level.

TSSU had become the pedestal for medical courses and has become the preferred choice for medical education by International students. It also offers five different streams of domain disciplines for students who come from a diverse background of Engineering, Law, Media & Mass Communication, and Management.

As a part of the course curriculum, the University offers a comprehensive 5-year degree program for students which includes B.Tech, LLB, BBA and BA“. The apparent fact for the students to vehemently prefer the University is that the University offers 51 majors with more emphasis on practical sessions.

Courses offered at the University

Sumy State University is one of the finest and structured universities in Ukraine. It is preferred by international student’s year-after-year, as the University offers complete undergraduate courses.

The University, as per the curriculum, provides 26 different courses related to the bachelor’s degree, and structurally the program is defined for five years.

The students get the option to choose the following programs:

  • Bachelor
  • Pre-Bachelor
  • Specialist Course
  • Masters program
  • Doctorate Degrees


The University holds a high position with III-IV accreditation level (The Level IV is the highest accreditation, which means the college has complete autonomy over its programs).

WHO recognizes the University, Ministry of Education, Ukraine, Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, World Federation and Medical Education and MCI. The University is included in the Global Research University Profiles (GRUP) by Shanghai Ranking. The University has been awarded as the best University by the Times Higher Education World.

The University also is recognized by some of the prestigious international bodies like the International Association of Universities, European University Association, Eurasian Universities Association, and Association of Economic Universities of South and Eastern Europe.

Efficacy of the University

Though being in Ukraine, the University takes the privilege of offering the courses with European methodologies and believes in the structural education for students and teaches the attitude of research activity in the curriculum. The students who pursue their study at the University enjoy the inventive work with both tutor-led and independent learning curve.

The University enables the students to get more critical thinking during their extensive research and further propel them to drive forward to have their illustrious career defined.

The medical course at the University brings about a plethora of streams such as health science, biomedical and genetic research. The students are acquainted with the latest medical technology, which helps them to ascertain the diagnosis of the particular ailment and get instrumental in medication or surgery.

The undergraduate medical and health care educational program conducted by Sumy State University would encompass 5.8 years of study. The students specifically study the most fundamental and clinical aspects which help them to understand the pattern of disease and then make way towards the prevention and treatment of diseases.