Learn about Georgia: 
The Republic of Georgia is located at the crossroads between Eastern Europe and 
Western Asia, it is surrounded to the west by black Sea, North by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia. Georgia has seamlessly integrated aspects of 
various cultures, while at the same time retaining its own unparalleled identity. The country is renewed for its fascinating history, majestic Caucasus Mountains, curative climate, healing mineral waters, national parks, and UNESCO world heritage sites. Combining amenities of a modern lifestyle with rich history, traditions, and unique culture, Georgia is a prominent example of a trendy destination. Georgia strived to improve all aspects of its tourism, business, and higher education offering from the development of infrastructure to the enhancement of service quality into tourism, 
business and education sectors. Georgia is striving to become a regional financial center, inviting large transnational companies to open regional representations in Georgia and receive unique tax benefits. 
Aforementioned diversity and Georgia’s ranking among the safest countries in the 
world have turned it into a premier travel destination, business, and educational 
student’s hub. 
Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia:  
Welcome to Tbilisi city, the capital city of Georgia, you will welcome by the 
stunning view from the hill above the city shows a patchwork of ancient and 
modern urban spaces, reflecting Tbilisi’s history from its foundation, wonderful 
sights, unique architecture, and unique atmosphere of student city with public and 
private universities. Tbilisi is one of the largest, oldest and most historically 
significant cities of Western Europe, it is the business hub of Georgia and Eastern 
Europe. Students have the opportunity to explore the beauty that Tbilisi has to 
offer, as well as travel to many of the most popular destinations across Georgia. 
Living in Tbilisi:  
Tbilisi is one of the safest cities of Western Europe and Georgia, which offers a relaxed lifestyle, world-class health care, modern schools, and friendly, welcoming 
An Outdoor Recreation Paradise:  
Georgia abounds with unexpected delights. From the fantastic mountain scenery, 
rivers, forest, wildlife, and incredibly friendly people to the dramatic architecture of 
Tbilisi provides plenty of opportunities for adventures to students and tourists. 
How to get to Georgia by Flights: 
Standing on the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia is relatively accessible from any part of the world. There are three airports in the country served both by flagship carriers and low-cost airlines. Major airlines such as Air France, Turkish 
Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Air Arabia, airBaltic, and Ukraine International Airlines fly to Tbilisi International Airport. 
Higher Education System of Georgia: Programmes of higher education in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) are offered at three levels  undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies – which are usually referred to as the three-cycle system. (Bachelor program, Master program and Doctorate program). 
Educational program in the institution of higher education during one educational year includes average 60 credits. The educational program of first stage of teaching 
(bachelor) consists of no less than 240 credits. First stage of higher education may 
include an educational program of teacher’s training. Only holders of state certificates 
confirming full general education or persons equalized with them, have a right to 
study in a bachelor program. The educational program of second stage of teaching 
(master) consists of no less than 120 credits. Only bachelors or persons with 
degrees equalized with them have a right to study in a master program. 
Medical/dentist educational program is one-stage higher educational program 
that ends with awarding the academic degree of certified physician/dentist. 
Academic degree received after completing an educational program of a physician with 
360 credits or dentist with 300 credits, is equalized with the academic degree of master. 
The third stage of studying (doctorate program) consists of no less than 180 credits. 
Only masters or persons with degrees equalized with them, have a right to study in doctoral programs. 
After completing of each stage of higher education, a respective diploma is issued. The institution of higher education is authorized to award students with intermediate qualifications, in case of completing a part of the educational program. Awarding an 
intermediate qualification is allowed after reaching of results in studying, defined 
for completing a part of educational program which should not be less than half of 
credit number defined for an educational program.    
Types of higher education institutions: 
In Georgia, three types of higher education institutions are active: 
University – the institution of higher education which carries out higher education programs of all three stages and scientific researches. 
Teaching university – the institution of higher education which carries out higher educational programs/programs (except doctorate programs). Teaching university necessarily carries out educational programs of the second stage – master program/programs. College – the institution of higher education which carries out only first stage educational program of higher academic education.   
Obtaining of status of the institution of higher education and implementation of 
the respective educational activity is possible only in case of authorization of higher education institution defined by the rules of authorization provision. Authorization is a procedure of obtaining of the status of higher education institution purpose of which is to ensure compliance with standards necessary for the implementation of the respective activity required for issuing of education confirming document recognized by the state. Authorization is carried out by the National Center for 
Educational Quality Enhancement, according to the rules defined by the authorization provision. The state recognizes only diplomas issued by accredited or equalized educational institutions.         
Acceptance: In the institutions of higher education, in bachelor, certified 
physician/dentist educational programs, only those enrollees have a right to study 
who completed respective Unified National Exams according to the rule defined by 
the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. In higher educational 
institutions of Orthodox theologian direction, enrolment of students in bachelor’s 
theologian educational program is carried out on the basis of the proposal presented 
by Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia, according to the rule defined by the Ministry of 
Education and Science of Georgia, on the basis of results obtained in certain subject 
of Unified National Exams.       
National Examinations Center is a legal entity of public law that ensures 
execution of Unified National and Joint Master Exams is authorized to carry out 
national estimations and international researches, carrying out other authorities 
defined by the Georgian legislation. 
Georgian National University SEU: 
The National University of Georgia SEU was founded on behalf of Ilia 
Chavchavadze in 2001. 
Since 2007, the university has offered Georgian students the building and 
conditions of the modern educational requirements in the new address and since 
then the university is located in the historical part of Tbilisi in Isani-Samgori 
district. Address: Tsinandali Street. N9. 
In 2009 the university was accredited by LEPL National Accreditation Center.  
In 2014 the university was authorized in accordance with the new authorization standard (until 2020).  
At present, there are 23 accredited educational programs in the university, 
including 9 undergraduates, 7 additional/minor specialties, 1 one-step, and 5 master programs. 
133 professors and 97 invited lecturers are attending the four faculty of the university including the Faculty of Business Administration, Social Sciences, Law, and Medical Faculty. 
In 2014, 2015 and 2016 Georgian National University is one of the most demanded 
universities in Georgian educational space, according to the results of the United 
National Examinations and Mobility Results.  
Doctor of Medicine 
Taught Medicine in English 
MD Physician Equaling to MBBS in India  
Course Duration: 6 Years Program  
Title: Medicine Qualification Awarded: Certified Medical Doctor 
Language of Instruction: English 
Program Credits:  360 ECTS credits Program 

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