Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University

Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University, also known as KazNMU, is one of the oldest medical universities in the country established in 1930.

 It has served as the primary source of personnel to the Kazakhstan of public health for its rich history of 89 years. The University has trained almost 80,000 doctors. All of them working in different fields and specialties, making a significant contribution to the health sector. KazNMU has prepared the best of medical professionals with their hardcore emphasis on professionalism and sincerity. 

The University built its foundation based on science, education and practice and can rightfully take pride in its achievements. It hosts around 11000 students per academic year in its campus, all of them at different levels and courses of study and about 1500 highly qualified and experienced faculty members who ensure quality education to their students.


The vast university campus is located in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan. Owing to its cosmopolitan culture, the UniversityUniversity has continuously prospered over the years.

The city’s vast population and economy have led it to be one of the biggest metropolitan cities of the republic.  Almaty is one of the largest metropolitan cities of Kazakhstan where the living costs are relatively low when compared to other cities.

 The University hosts continuous training of medical workers on a modern multi-level system with its unique infrastructure consisting of 4 laboratories and seven multi-storied academic buildings.

Quality of education

There’s no doubt that with its outstanding infrastructure and highly qualified faculty members, the University without fail provides its students with top-notch education, ensuring the students’ success in their respective fields.

Graduates from KazNMU have been nominated for and won several awards and competitions in the field of healthcare. 

Like any other educational institute, this one faces many challenges and difficulties in providing the best of education to its pupils as well, however with the help of their talented faculties; they overcome all of them in new and innovative ways each time.

The University has always been distinguished for its extraordinarily high amount of practical training of its students with the help of their clinics, and emphasis towards innovative ways to evolve science and its educational practices by taking a more realistic approach towards health care. The University also retains leadership qualities within its pupils.

KazNMU secured itself rank in the first position on the global rating of European chamber of science industry (ARES-2017) list amongst the medical institutes.

Documents required

  • A valid Passport
  • 10+2 credentials
  • Notarized translation of 10+2 credentials in Kazakh or Russian language.
  • IELTS/ TOEFL scores
  • Certificate of absence of the criminal record
  • Medical certificates proving you’re fit

Why kazNMU?

KazNMU is one of the best medical colleges of Kazakhstan, and the location offers cheap living. The University provides the best education at the most affordable cost, and all of the courses offered are in English medium, hence a significant advantage for international students.